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Corporate Management

We support you with our knowledge covering all aspects of drinking water supply. This also includes services and advice for commissioning bodies, such as water utilities. We aim to offer the highest quality drinking water supply in sufficient quantities at favourable rates.

Consulting services

Water loss management: We advise you on analyzing water supply systems and increasing efficiency by reducing water losses.

Quality assurance systems in accordance with food legislation: We support water supply companies with their mandatory self-assessment processes and the mandatory documentation for drinking water quality assurance.

Regulations and tariffs: We provide advice on the drafting of water supply regulations as well as the calculation and determination of fees for sustainable financing of water as a precious resource.

Network Information Systems (NIS) and linked databases: We provide solutions for the creation of pipe information systems.

Maintenance planning: We prepare the planning of maintenance work to ensure flawless operations.

Renovation plans: We create maintenance and renewal plans for water infrastructure on the basis of condition assessments and identifiable gaps in the investment plans in order to achieve a sustainable water supply.

Financial advice: We are happy to assist you in financial matters related to investments in the water supply infrastructure.

Benchmarking: We determine the technical and financial optimization potentials of your water supply company using the usual key figures.

Public Private Partnerships (PPPs): In order to improve the efficiency of water supplies, we support the public sector in the search for private sector financing.